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In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids: Amplified Performance and Custom Elegance

In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids stand as a unique custom-molded solution, blending amplified power with a subtle, unobtrusive design. Tailored for enhanced functionality, ITE aids are particularly beneficial for individuals grappling with more pronounced levels of hearing loss.

  • Ideal for Moderate to Severe Loss
  • Amplified Performance
  • Custom Craftsmanship

Exploring ITE Hearing Aids

ITE aids are designed to sit partially within the ear canal and partially in the bowl of the ear. Custom-fitted based on impressions taken during your hearing aid consultation, they combine comfort and personalized design.

Unveiling ITE Operation:

ITE hearing aids house all their components within the ear itself. The microphones are strategically placed on the faceplate, often utilizing dual microphones for enhanced sound localization. This setup ensures optimal sound transmission directly into the ear.

Key Considerations:

  • Comfort: ITE aids provide an exceptional level of comfort due to their custom-fitted nature.
  • Discretion: With no components over the ear, ITE aids offer a discreet appearance, available in various colors to match your preferences.
  • Connectivity: Many ITE aids can be paired with phones, enabling direct audio streaming.
  • Amplification Levels: ITE aids offer less amplification compared to Receiver In The Ear or BTE aids, making them suitable for milder losses.
  • Rechargeability: ITE aids offer both battery-operated and rechargeable options.
  • Wind Noise: ITE models, being positioned inside the ear, are less susceptible to wind noise.
  • Easy Handling: ITE aids are especially suitable for those with dexterity or visual challenges, owing to their straightforward handling and easy insertion.
  • Your Audiologist will expertly guide you in selecting the most fitting hearing aid style based on your hearing loss and individual needs.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance with ITE hearing aids, guided by the expertise of our Audiologists at Hearing Care Services.

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