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Invisible in Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Invisible in Canal hearing aids pack remarkable technology into a tiny package. Custom-fitted to rest comfortably and unobtrusively within your ear canal, it remains virtually undetectable to you and those around you. These aids are ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • Custom-fitted for comfort
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Offers a natural auditory experience

Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids: Discreet Comfort and Quality Sound

Similar to Behind-The-Ear (BTE) aids but smaller, Receiver in Canal (RIC) or Receiver in the Ear (RITE) hearing aids are a preferred choice for their discreet nature and comfort. They deliver high-quality sound while being so comfortable that you won’t even notice them once you’ve adjusted – and neither will those around you.

Invisible in Canal Hearing Aids: Unobtrusive Performance

Invisible in Canal (IIC) hearing aids take discreetness to another level. These are the tiniest custom-made hearing aids, sitting deeply inside the ear canal, granting you the freedom to wear them throughout the day without anyone being the wiser.

How Invisible in Canal Hearing Aids Work:

Powered by a battery and equipped with a single microphone, IIC hearing aids are positioned to transmit sound as close to the eardrum as possible.

Points to Consider:

  • IIC’s sleek size allows for discreet management of hearing loss.
  • Individuals with limited dexterity might find handling and battery changes more challenging due to the small size.
  • IIC may not be suitable for those with flexible or wax-prone ears, or severe hearing loss.
  • As of now, IICs lack rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth capabilities.

Your dedicated Audiologist will guide you towards the most suitable hearing aid style based on your unique hearing requirements and preferences.

At Hearing Care Services in Islamabad, Pakistan, we are proud to provide these exceptional hearing aid solutions. Our experts are ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle.

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