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In The Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids: Seamlessly Discreet and Tailored

In The Canal (ITC) hearing aids offer a discreet and personalized auditory solution. Molded to effortlessly fit within your ear canal, they provide a snug and secure placement. While maintaining their inconspicuousness, ITC aids are designed for easier insertion and removal compared to smaller in-canal counterparts.

  • Simplified Handling
  • Secure Fit
  • Discreet Elegance

Functionality of ITC Hearing Aids

ITC hearing aids feature a microphone positioned on their exposed part, capturing sound waves and converting them into electrical signals. These signals are then processed by a microchip and sent to an amplifier, enhancing their strength before being delivered to a loudspeaker, enabling you to hear sound effectively.

Key Considerations:

  • Expanded Power: While slightly larger than Completely In Canal aids, ITCs can accommodate more severe hearing losses due to increased amplification.
  • Bluetooth Capability: Many ITC aids offer Bluetooth features for direct audio streaming from phones*.
  • Size and Comfort: The size of the aid is personalized to the ear’s shape and hearing loss characteristics, ensuring comfort.
  • Discreet Appearance: ITC aids, with no external parts over the ear, can be customized in various colors to blend seamlessly.
  • Amplification Levels: ITC aids offer less amplification compared to Receiver In The Ear or BTE aids, making them suitable for milder losses.
  • Batteries: ITC aids utilize manual battery replacement. For rechargeability, the slightly larger In The Ear (ITE) model may be considered.
  • Wind Noise: ITC models are less prone to wind noise due to their placement inside the ear.
  • Your Audiologist will expertly guide you in selecting the most fitting hearing aid style based on your hearing loss and individual needs.

At Hearing Care Services, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize your auditory well-being.

*Dependent on ear canal size

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